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Who is Clay?
What really matters TO YOU?

What really matters? YOUR MIND. Your ability to manage your mind is really all that matters on your journey in this life. So, as you read this story, notice how every step of the way Clay was always growing his ability to help people master their minds – thereby, RESULTS!!

By the time he was 21, Clay was training Nuclear Reactor Operators for the U.S. Navy. Literally growing 18 year old high school graduates into mature, responsible, and effective operators of Nuclear Reactors for powering ships and submarines. 

Clay trained these operators to safely run a nuclear reactor, on a submarine, under the ice, with a torpedo chasing them, and a fire burning next to them! Talk about managing your mind, staying focused and controlling your energy! In other words – NOT giving in to the natural fears we all have…

Can you imaging how scary that situation could be – and Clay was one of the best at helping people learn to manage that stress, those emotions… that fear! What are you currently ‘worried’ about? What stresses you out these days? What do you think it is that is actually stopping you from attaining that which you desire?

The Next Steps…

Clay left the Navy and went into the civilian world, teaching engineers and managers in the highly stressful semiconductor manufacturing industry for several companies, including Intel, TSMC, and many others. 

Clay furthered his technical engineering expertise, and his understanding of the mind by spending over 20 years as an expert in subatomic physics, electrical engineering, and operating and troubleshooting and repairing machines to control those subatomic particles, and get those tiny things into JUST the right place to make the transistors in the device enabling you to read this, right now!

Most importantly, he was often recognized as one of the best at turning dysfunctional teams, machines, and individuals into highly productive, effective, efficient, and award winners (a lot of ’em!) – consistently, for almost 20 years!

Other Passions…

While being the ground breaker and leader in those industries, Clay also pursued a few other extreme passions – Snowboarding and Sport Bike Motorcycle Riding, for example. 

Of course, as a trainer, he not only enjoyed these hobbies, but he became an expert and trained more adults in these areas as well. This is where the importance and understanding of body awareness became very important.

How important? New snow-riders and motorcycle riders both suffer GREATLY, when learning, due to unconscious survival reactions triggered by learning these sports. Pain often followed when a new snowboarder wasn’t able to understand and overcome these reactions… while sometimes, for motorcycle riders, death followed.

That’s why Clay became very passionate about understanding how these survival reactions affect us, and learning how to help people learn to manage those potentially deadly reactions. What do you think is stopping you, today, from easily attaining that which you desire?


The Plot Thickens…

As with all journeys, it’s not until the end that you finally understand how all the seemingly disconnected events compound to produce the reality of your ‘now’, NOW.

One day in 2012, Clay was on a motorcycle ride and IT happened.

A deer leapt from the right side of the road, at full speed (look closely at this picture for the results). It struck Clay’s motorcycle just in front of his right hand, just in front of the throttle.

There’s not enough space to describe everything here. A few key takeaways – 
– Clay experienced the deepest level of flow he’s ever felt.
– The impact caused the motorcycle, and Clay to jump and fly over 15 feet.
– Clay’s brain, and body, PERFORMED in a way he couldn’t explain…


And Today…

Two days later, Clay found the book, “The Rise Of Superman”. (Highly recommended read!)

This book explained, completely, how his body and mind reacted; why it reacted the way it did; and how he was able to perform and NOT CRASH,

And most importantly… for YOU –

Because Clay had been a professional adult trainer in so many areas of expertise at this point, he read this book like an instruction manual.

Clay’s unique understanding culminating from his diverse background and training enabled him to become the world’s best trainer that can help you INTEGRATE Conscious Flow Control in you life!

This will enable you to turn on, and off, Flow State, so you can perform at your highest level, while also managing your energy so you don’t burn out! Not only will you not burn out, but you will thrive, efficiently, in all areas of your life as you learn, apply, and fully integrate Conscious Flow Control in your life!


Warning – Working with Clay in anyway is not a ‘one-and-done’ situation.

You are embarking on a truly life-changing experience when you decide to integrate Conscious Flow Control in your life. That’s not saying it is hard to do… in fact – the opposite. 

Clay’s goal is to help you attain that which you desire, EASIER. So making Conscious Flow Control hard is NOT the goal. Read Clay’s reviews! People change and don’t even realize they are changing – almost effortlessly in the end!

Simple, foundational, habits built slowly and consistently are the secret to increasing your bodily and mental awareness. In no more than 5 to 20 ‘extra’ minutes of effort per day, you will be able to discover up to 3, even 4 hours of “extra” time every day!

Every client that has applied these practices, will tell you the same thing as those highlighted in the Success Stories.

“If you are really ready to level up your life, you can not find a better path than Conscious Flow Control with Clay leading the way!” -Trevor; Dylan; Casey… and many others. 


"Clay’s approach is truly different from anything I have experienced before. There is no shortage of individuals and companies in the marketplace that is there to “help you grow”, but so far those other experiences have not been anything close to what I was promised. With Clay, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel is actually light and not a train barreling down!"

– Ryan Conley, CFP® RFG Adivsory

"I have grown significantly since meeting and starting to work with Clay. He is different. Clay challenges you. If you want to change your perspective and grow your awareness, work with Clay. I can confidently say that I am in a better place mentally and physically than I was two months ago, and that is thanks to Clay."

Jeremy Sacker – President, RPM Expedite USA

"After working with Clay, my world has been opened to unrealized possibilities… All were possible due to the guidance of Clay’s methods and tactics of gratitude, journaling, and meditation. I had no idea my life would be what it is today within 2yrs of randomly meeting Clay."

Anthony Cookenmaster – Entrepreneur and Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, CIS secure computing

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