Let’s build your business
Let’s HIT your next goal
EASILY, together!


You will learn and apply the secrets required to make your journey as EASY and SMOOTH as possible –
AND, do it surrounded by friends on the same journey! 

Never be bogged down in that valley of despair again!
Let’s make your journey as easy and smooth as possible – 
Surrounded by friends supporting you on your journey!

We all experience the VOID

The VOID is that dark place where you’re ready to give up.
The VOID (watch the video) is always there, and we all WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO deal with it, one way or another.

HOW do YOU want to deal with it?

Option 1 – Suffer, endlessly, ignorantly

Option 2 – Glide with ease and joy perpetually

Would you like to know the secrets experts like Oprah, Bezos, Jerry Seinfeld, Steph Curry, Gary Vee, and all those professional athletes, actors, and other business leaders seem to just inherently ‘know’?

Would you like to EASILY make your way through the VOID and just BE SUCCESSFUL at every goal you set?

It is a LOT easier than you are currently imagining –
and the good news is you’ve found someone that has spent his life
learning and then teaching these secrets!


Join this mastermind today and get all the needed training, plus meet, live, with others,
multiple times a month, on the same journey as you!
Join today and let’s get it done, IN JOY!


For A Limited Time, Only $147.98 per month!
(normally $199 per month)


Watch this video to learn what the VOID is, and the simple steps to avoid the void in your journey!




Are You… 

  • … growing, or starting, a business?
  • … frustrated with your results?
  • … exhausted from killing yourself to attain your ever illusive sense of FREEDOM?
  • … tired of being told the SAME THINGS, over and over, and TRYING to DO those things – but just not getting it done?
  • Are you someone with a vision and you KNOW it will work!! If only you could get out of your own way!!??


    Most importantly – Are you READY to do what is necessary, even if it appears to be almost TOO EASY, and too simple, and TOO little, to make a difference??


HERE is the secret…

EVERY successful person must learn this, and apply it – Successfully, and effectively manage their Perspective!

When you learn how to do this, you see you have options! You see YOU ARE in control. You see, you’re already there!

YOU have two options –

Option 1 – Suffer, endlessly, ignorantly
Option 2 – Glide with ease and joy perpetually

We will start, and stay focused on, implementing the 3 base habits all entrepreneurs, and other successful people utilize, daily, to reach their goals, in joy.


What is the VOID??


The Valley of Ignorant Despair is a dark and scary place.

Every Entrepreneur WILL learn to identify and navigate this necessary step in the path to success… You will too! maybe it is your time?
…unless it gets you, again.

It has gotten you before, I’m sure – that’s why you’re reading this. Another way people describe this Valley Of Ignorant Despair has been the “valley of death.”

This valley of death is where

businesses die.

This is that dark place where the person striving for a goal can’t see they are making progress, they can’t see how far they’ve come, nor how far they have to go!   -It really is a dark place.


It does not have to be YOUR dark place! It does not have to stop you, again!
You can learn to minimize this dark zone in your journey and ENJOY the process! While these practices and tactics are SIMPLE, they are often so simple that we forget how important they are! Because of this, people either fail to execute at all, or fail to utilize these tools properly, and THAT causes the suffering, anxiety, stress and despair that KILLS a business (or any other goal).


You found the Avoid The VOID Mastermind!

You will learn the simple tactics, strategies, and practices – but more importantly, you will be SUPPORTED while you implement them!! And that will help you minimize the time you are in the valley and speed your progress along your journey to your dreams!

Why A MasterMind? 


OWNERS. This is how I define “them”. 
People with a business owner mindset. You’ve seen them, I’m sure.

Nothing EVER seems to bug them. The seem to have NO limits! And they just decide what they want, or want to get done, and DO it – right?

You know the names: Jerry Seinfeld; Oprah Winfrey (when was the last time you actually read HER last name? lol); Gary Vee; Jeff (Bezos) – somehow they REALLY get stuff done, don’t they?

Well – here’s the secret: The KNOW the VOID. They have a VERY intimate relationship with the VOID, and they THRIVE in that VOID! 

Are you ready to learn HOW to do that? (don’t worry – it is a LOT easier than you probably think it is)

All it requires is your commitment. Have you ever committed to something before? Have you ever overcome an obstacle before? Add that to the fact that you’re reading this right now… you’re a winner! Now – join us in the Avoid The Void Mastermind! Unlock all the training and community support you need to get through that VOID!


Unlike most online entrepreneurs, Clay is focused on actually IMPACTING and helping you CHANGE – Focused on helping you get what you DESIRE!

Most online classes go unwatched.
Most people that purchase an online class are NOT happy with the results.

How many online classes are you THRILLED you purchased? (Maybe 1 or two, but how many have you purchased and left sitting?

Why a mastermind? -because we are going to focus on you IMPLEMENTING those powerful practices and tactics, not just teaching you how to do them, or encouraging you to do them, and not just explaining why they are so important – but ACTUALLY DOING THEM!

Are you ready? Join today and immediately receive the recordings and training you need to step into the next mastermind meeting and not only receive, but contribute to this community! 

If you are frustrated and burned out at all the energy you’ve been spending… if you’re READY to grow and build a profitable business – JOIN TODAY!


This is actually a GREAT question! Because there’s no “one-right-answer”…

You reading this means you will make sure this is the right fit, for you, right now.

This mastermind will be a meeting of the minds. While there will be some training, the purpose of a mastermind is to share knowledge and experience. You are going to be asked to share your practices, your methods and your expertise as well!

Yes, there will be training, don’t worry about that! Clay is a life-long adult trainer, so hold on! There will always be a focus point, every meeting. Then, learning from each other will be integrated and you, and others, will be asked to provide your perspectives.

A mastermind is a group of people committed to the same goals and outcomes, each applying their individual strengths and utilizing other’s strengths in overcoming their areas to improve.

Let’s build a community – the Avoid the Void Mastermind is one step on your journey… Find your support, now!

YOUR UNIQUE Mastermind will give you -

You will experience the following, firsthand:

-Live meetups with Clay Green and fellow journeyers, invaluable opportunities for connection and growth.

– Access to exclusive classes, training resources, and recordings. Learn, integrate, and master the skills and habits needed to conquer the void.

Direct support through email and recorded Q&A sessions. Your questions answered promptly!

By choosing a mastermind instead of ‘AI coaching’ or a stand alone ‘online class’, you will immerse yourself in:

– Unparalleled clarity, understanding the inner workings of your body and mind to transform your results.

-A supportive community and team, fostering connections that are vital to your success.

– The habits and practices to enable you to overcome procrastination, hesitation, and fears—unleashing the life you truly desire!


    Don’t miss this chance to embark on your transformative journey! Join now!

    Join Us Today!

    Join Us Today!

    Join Us Today!

    Will This Serve You? 

    Is this RIGHT, for you, RIGHT NOW -or not?

    Are you trying to build something (a business, family, body, career, etc…), BUT, 

    • you are not happy.
    • you are frustrated and annoyed with the lack of progress you are making.
    • you are annoyed at how easily it seems everyone else is getting it done.
    • you can’t seem to get the things you need to get done, done.

    And –
    – you don’t know WHY?
    -nor what to do about it.

    I have some GREAT news:

    Been there, done that! And we’ve now helped thousands of others overcome these same hurdles!

    You are in the right place if:

    • You are an experienced, wise, and successful person, in your field of expertise.
    • You are READY to figure out your next step.
    • You know the steps to success on your desired path, but you’re not sure why you’re not taking them.
    • You can do anything – if you understand WHY it is important to do…

    You’re in the right place if you’re still reading.

    Join the ATV Mastermind, uncover the reasons, grow your self awareness and build your freedom starting today!  

    Everything You Get 

    -YOU GET –

    Bi-Monthly Calls focusing on –

    • Meditation! (why – and HOW, for you)
    • Journal techniques, strategies and tactics
    • Gratitude practices and principles
    • High-Performance Habits! (The secret ones too!)
    • Ongoing Training on all these topics as they evolve, 
      All with Q&A Access with Clay Green!


    And – a SPECIAL offer, just because you’re reading this, now! 


    -And, YOU GET –

    FIRST ACCESS to the formal online classes designed to support YOU!

    ALL THAT for only $199.99 monthly!!!

    -That’s at least 2 meetings per month, and you can cancel anytime
    -unlimited access to recordings, forever
    -email access and face to face video time for Q&A

    (Special price for a limited time – $147.98)

    Why is this Mastermind necessary, now?


    You HEAR this, now -

    Timing is everything!

    If you are reading this, it’s a very clear sign: “it is TIME.”

    Either for you to allow yourself the assistance, guidance, and support it will take to make your journey EASY, or for you to learn the KEY distinctions that make “them” seem so easily successful.

    -Have you struggled enough?
    -Have you been routinely annoyed at how “they” seem to be getting it done while you’re stuck in your rut?
    -Have you tried time and again to establish habits and practices only to be foiled by yourself, again and again?

    It’s time. 

    It’s. time for you to see how EASY it can be. 
    It’s time for you to REAP the rewards you’re aching for!
    It’s time for you to find the easy path and learn to ENJOY the journey. (does that frustrate you? -join and learn why and what to do about it!


    Are you feeling the burn of endless grind and hustle? Are you putting in the effort, doing everything you’re supposed to, yet still coming up short? It’s time to shift into high gear and get it done!

    You’ve studied, applied, tested, and tried countless things, but still, your dream feels out of reach. Don’t give up just yet! The truth is, you may have missed a crucial step in your pursuit of success.

    Join your mastermind and learn the fundamental steps to achieving your goals! We’ll help you align your mind, body, and soul with where you’re going, so you can finally GET IT DONE!

    Here’s what you’ll get out of it:

    • Learn the key base level steps to building your dream
    • Implement the tools and techniques that successful people use
    • Enjoy the huge benefits that come with focusing on the fundamentals
    • Get support and guidance from like-minded individuals
    • Achieve your goals faster and with more ease than ever before

    Don’t settle for mediocrity. Join our mastermind and become the best version of yourself. It’s time to take action and make your dreams a reality!

    Time for you to ENJOY the Valley!


    In the Valley of despair, we suffer.

    The trick is to consciously manage your awareness, thereby you can manage your time in the valleys.

    What if you could easily move from one success to the next while minimizing the learning curves, minimizing the annoying processes, and simply live in the knowledge of your constant success?

    How? It’s really easy if you apply the simple “Think Do Not React” practice surrounding “Clay’s Rule #1”. One of the first things you will be exposed to, if you’re not already, is applying “Rule #1” LIBERALLY!

    Join the bi-weekly calls, get the free downloads, and most importantly APPLY the practices proven to result in your success!

    Join today, you can cancel anytime, and be sure to ask about the current special offers!


    Employee or Owner?

    Are you financially free? Want to be? Time to REALLY look at your mindset then! 

    Are you an employee or an owner? Many business owners, even lifelong ones, don’t realize this distinction, but it can make all the difference in your success. And that difference is ALL in YOUR MIND!
    HUGE warning – If you’re not aware of this difference, you can NEVER adjust your mindset. That means you can’t take the necessary steps toward building a successful business that can set you free. 
    But wait, in this mastermind program, you’ll learn the foundational practices and habits necessary to build a successful owner’s mindset, and then your business as an owner! Clay’s goal is to help employees become owners and attain the freedom they desire.
    Don’t let your mindset hold you back from your dreams of freedom. Join the mastermind program today and start making the necessary changes to achieve your business goals.

    CLAY What has to change for me to get the results I desire?


    You are experiencing, today, yesterday’s actions!

    Your results impact your understanding of the world around you…

    So today’s results dictate tomorrow’s actions – IF you’re leveraging your full consciousness and awareness, you can learn FASTER and EASIER!

    ARE YOU?

    The only thing that will change on this journey you’re experiencing is YOU. So, what are you going to do to initiate, and maintain that change?

    What new results do you desire? Those results necessitate certain actions, decisions, behaviors, and habits. Are you LIVING the life, today, that will GIVE YOU the life you want to live tomorrow?

    This mastermind will help you develop the skills you need to identify destructive patterns and behaviors, and build the constructive. These skills are necessary to then CHOOSE which behaviors and habits you apply.

    THAT is the thing that ultimately changes your results into that which you desire – YOU!

    So, as they say, it’s apparently time for you to know yourself at a deeper level, and attain those things you desire, much more easily than you’re currently struggling to do. (especially if you’re reading this far into this page – join today!)  

    What is FREEDOM?

    What does freedom mean to you?

    Do you feel truly free in your life, or do you long for more?

    Are you striving to build a business for more money, more flexibility, or to be your own boss? Are you building your business for wealth to secure your family’s future? Are you striving to help more people, more effectively?

    Building a business is often a way to create more financial freedom, but it’s not just about money. It’s about knowing how you want to experience freedom and taking steps to make it a reality.

    In this mastermind, you’ll learn the foundational skills and practices needed to clarify your vision and achieve the freedom you desire.

    Are you ready to take the first step towards the life you truly want? Join us today.

    Why NOT?

    Why you shouldn’t join a mastermind:


    This is not for you if...
    – You are someone that has officially ‘tried it all’, and you’ve given up.
    – You are someone that has proven to themselves that there is no real hope for you.
    -You are someone that has more than 10 excuses as to why you can’t invest 5 minutes every morning on YOURSELF.
    – You are someone that is sincerely overburdened with obligations like: 2 or more newborns in the house, now; 2 or more aging relatives you are providing care for, now; 3 actual jobs that require more than 30 hours a week, each… seriously – consider your time wisely.
    "I don't have the time" - really??

    Are you saying “I don’t have time” to learn new skills and improve your life? Well, I have news for you – that’s exactly why you need to join this mastermind NOW!

    If you keep using lack of time as an excuse, you’ll keep getting the same results. The truth is, it’s not about how much time you have, it’s about how you use it. Here, you will learn how to use your time more effectively and efficiently, so you can achieve the results you want.

    Don’t let “I don’t have time” hold you back anymore. Make it the reason to join and start investing in yourself today. With proven topics, lessons, content and practices, you will improve your decision-making, focus, and get where YOU want to be!


    "I can't afford it!"

    Investing in yourself may seem like a challenging decision, especially if money is tight. Question – have you considered and calculated the cost of not taking action to improve? Ultimately, remaining stagnant and not making any progress is normally MUCH more costly than investing in your personal growth.


    In your new mastermind, you will easily reach your goals by implementing the powerful tools, tactics, and practices you’ll learn!! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to unlock your full potential and implement cutting-edge strategies and then keep improving and keep growing!

    You’ll also be joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to productivity and achieving their goals. Exclusive content, training, and coaching sessions will help you stay motivated and on track.


    Your new mastermind is designed to be affordable and accessible, so you can continue making progress towards your goals without breaking the bank. Don’t let procrastination or lack of focus hold you back from achieving your dreams. Take the next important step towards a more productive and fulfilling life by signing up today!

    There's never enough real value - What will this REALLY give me?

    Are you tired of monthly memberships that just feed you a recording? That give you no chance to ask questions and get personalized opinions and suggestions? Someone else always decides what you need to learn, or hear, this week – and that’s IT?

    Well hold on for some ENTHUSIASM! In this mastermind, you will get LIVE Q&A sessions with Clay Green TWICE a month! And of COURSE, you will be getting the latest technical and cutting edge scientifically proven tactics, practices and habits that make the BIGGEST impact, with the least effort!

    This isn’t your typical “one hour training” – this is a hands-on, interactive mastermind that’s all about helping YOU succeed. Clay and the rest of the group are here to support you every step of the way, to help you find YOUR best way to meditate, journal, and tackle every task on your to-do list.

    But here’s the catch: there are only a limited number of spots available. So if you want to be part of this exclusive group, you need to act fast and JOIN TODAY. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – sign up now and secure your spot in the Enthused Monthly Membership!
    *And remember, as soon as you feel like it’s not worth it, you can cancel at anytime! No long-term commitments required here!

    WHY NOT? - Is it WORTH it?

    Unlike other masterminds that normally only offer a limited amount of content, such as a single email or newsletter, or an hour of pre-selected training, this mastermind offers so much more.

    You’ll get access to live, interactive sessions with Clay Green, twice a month. These sessions are designed to help you develop the high-performance habits that are essential for success.

    During these live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Clay and other members questions directly, in real-time. This means you’ll be able to get the personalized guidance and support you need to apply and implement the practices of meditation, journaling, and gratitude in your own life.

    The focus of this mastermind is on developing and applying high-performance habits, and those key, three fundamental practices of meditation, journaling, and gratitude. The goal is to help you not only understand the importance of these practices but to also give you the tools and guidance you need to implement, apply, and enjoy their benefits in your life.

    This mastermind is different from others in that it’s not just about giving you information. It’s about helping you apply and implement that information in a way that works best for you.

    To ensure everyone gets that attention, there are limited seats available! JOIN TODAY! (you can cancel at anytime)

    NEW, secret, BONUS – A one on one session with Clay, private and individual for YOU! Sign up today and receive your bonus, private, hour with Clay to focus on YOUR business, YOUR habits, and help you get and stay on YOUR track!

    SIGN UP NOW to lock in your meeting! – be sure to request this meeting and let’s get it scheduled asap (may take up to 90 days)

    NEW, secret, BONUS – A one on one session with Clay, private and individual for YOU! Sign up today and receive your bonus, private, hour with Clay to focus on YOUR business, YOUR habits, and help you get and stay on YOUR track!

    SIGN UP NOW to lock in your meeting! – be sure to request this meeting and let’s get it scheduled asap (may take up to 90 days)

    What will YOU learn and apply?



    You will develop a meditation habit – 
    (hint – you ALREADY meditate, the question is: “Is your current habit helpful or harmful for you?)
    Understanding WHY meditation is necessary is the first step in applying this habit in the most helpful way for you!

    MANY people try to start this habit. Many people DO this habit… but are not using it to the fullest potential!

    In one of your first, free, bonus trainings provided – ‘The Blink’, you will understand WHY meditation is SO powerful!
    After learning WHY to meditate, then you will be empowered to find and grow YOUR habit to the MAXIMUM POSTIVE IMPACT!

    Here is the MOST IMPORTANT words you can carry forward: “Grow your awareness, of your body.” Learning the why, and learning YOUR processes to do that will be the most valuable habit you grow. 

    Why THESE 3 Habits?

    Meditation, Journaling, and Gratitude are the 3 foundational habits you will first focus upon. 

    These habits are practiced, honed, and perfected by everyone that has attained anything you may consider success. They may not label some of their practices the same way. For example, meditation may be called prayer; journaling may be considered planning or documenting, etc… But rest assured – 100% of those that attain “success” leverage and master those habits.

    Understanding how YOU are best served by these habits and building your own practices will dramatically improve your results! 

    The Four Steps

    There are just FOUR simple steps, if understood and implemented effectively, will get you EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of – easily.

    Are YOU ready for it to be easy?
    Are you ready to ACTUALLY keep it simple?
    Are you ready to BELIEVE it can happen for you?

    This is what we’ve learned, over and over again! There is NO question about the effectiveness of this process. These four steps have centuries of proof and successes behind them! *actually… centuries are hundreds of years, and is actually an understatement – because there’s thousands of years of documentation backing these steps up!!)

    What we have learned is those four steps are irrelevant. The proof doesn’t matter. The individual, or even group or team stories just don’t matter…


    until YOU are ready! Until YOU are ready to believe. So make sure you’re ready to believe these simple steps will help you, and then sign up today!


    Rule #1

    YOU stand to directly benefit from the fact that Clay Green has spent over 3 decades honing the skill of simplification for efficiency.
    Nuclear Reactor Operations; Training Reactor Operators; Complex alignments and other maintenance procedures on multi-million dollar capital equipment; Training engineers to troubleshoot and repair the most important and complex systems used in making the computer chips in your device today; Helping new snowboarders and new motorcycle riders navigate, safely, those first turns… and today, having helped hundreds of business owners like you… ALL leads to this simple statement.

    Effectively Implement Rule #1.

    Knowing and understanding Rule #1, and most importantly implementing this is a KEY DIFFERENTIATOR between people that STRUGGLE to get things done, and people that things just seem to happen naturally and easily for.

    Who do YOU want to be? Sign up today and this is included in your free bonus training received at sign up!


    High-Performance Habits

    There are 6 high-performance habits that the masters have all mastered.

    As we travel this road together, these habits are integral parts of the training and discussions. While these habits are vital, what is more important is your awareness of these habits and your growth habits.

    Like the 3 Enabling Habits, these 6 Empowering High-Performance Habits aren’t things you will learn and do, repetitively, forever, the same way. These habits must be implemented, and then grown as you grow

    For example as you scale from a starting, struggling, boot-strapped business owner, the habit of money management will change as you grow through 6 and into 7 figures. The habits of a high-school level athlete and the habits of a professional athlete are obviously going to be similar, but very differently executed as well.

    Learning and growing these six habits will be included in our on-going bi-monthly, recorded gatherings. Let’s start, and keep, growing! Join today for all the current bonuses you’ll receive on top of these coordinated lessons!
    These habits are: Clarity, Energy Management and creation, Courage, Productivity, Influence, and Necessity. 


    NEW BONUS – A one on one session with Clay, private and individual for YOU! Sign up today and receive your bonus one on one hour with Clay to focus on YOUR business, YOUR habits, and keep you on track! $500 value

    SIGN UP NOW to lock in your meeting!

       Why Clay Green?

    I was not aware, I was ignorant of HOW TO USE meditation, journaling, and gratitude. I thought I knew the answers – I was mindful! I was meditating! I was journaling! And there was NO-ONE more grateful than me… I thought.

    Really, I was VERY aware I wasn’t making progress! So, like many others, I thought I just needed to do it MORE! Right? 

    Head down, shoulder to the grindstone, and don’t let anything stop you from putting in MAXIMUM effort EVERY DAY! Yeah, I’m probably not the smartest guy out there. Well, my suffering is YOUR good news!

    Today, I’ve spent well over 3 decades helping people accomplish their goals. Those goals ranged from becoming a great nuclear reactor operator to understanding the nuances of safely and effectively riding a motorcycle around a race track, and from teaching first-time snowboarders to carve their first turns to the complex and very dangerous processes involved in manufacturing computer chips!!

    And for over a decade now, I’ve helped people like you…

    I’ve spent my life helping people transition-
    -From under-employed, overworked, frustrated, deeply indebted want-to-be business owners to multi-million dollar business owners (include a list of multiple business types here?)
    -From a base-level, general high school education to a professional Nuclear Reactor Operator
    -From someone that is afraid of and has never stood on snow to someone that can rip down a mountain on a snowboard
    -From an average engineer to someone that can fix any problem on one of the most complex machines you can imagine (think large Hadron Collider)
    -From incompetent and endangered new motorcycle rider to confident track-riding, SAFE, enthusiast

    I help people get it done. 

    So, WHAT do YOU want?

    If you’re reading this, this far, then odds are you’re a bit like me. You want something BAD. You know what you need to do to attain that which you desire. And you’re BEFUDDLED as to why in the world you struggle so much to actually DO those things! (right?)

    Look at the reviews, testimonials, and videos of thrilled clients. 

    You’ll see that it doesn’t take that long when you have a guide that has done it before. (that’s what you are being offered). This mastermind is designed to help as many people as possible, EFFECTIVELY (that means there are limited seats available!) implement and grow the required habits and practices so they can attain FREEDOM!

    Come LEARN why meditation is SUCH a powerful tool – and most importantly how YOU can use it, and a couple of other simple habits, VERY  effectively, to SERVE YOU!!

    I’ll see you on the other side! I believe in YOU!




    Learn how your subconscious has been programmed to follow the same recurring patterns for a LONG time – and more importantly, what to do to rewire yourself for the future you desire!


    After you build the skills to start and stop any good or bad habit you have, you will be empowered with the High Performance habits, practices and tactics that will continuously and  dramatically increase your results!


    Surround yourself with a community that sees the best in you, and helps you to live up to your potential!

    Stay focused, engaged, enabled and empowered to CONSISTENTLY take the right actions to experience the FREEDOM you desire! 

    The Plan


    You will be connected!
    We will focus on:

    BASE Level Practices PROVEN to accelerate you on your journey – including Meditation, Journaling, and Gratitude. You will explore how you are performing these habits; how you can adjust them; how you can test them and how you can continuously grow them.

    High Performance Habits will become second nature. You will hone your skills in these habits by focusing, normally, on one topic per month. We will maintain a constant focus on helping you consistently improve your habits, practices, and skills in the critical areas that will move your business forward!

    Questions and Answers: The meeting will always include time for questions and answers for you! This will be a meeting, not a broadcast. A mastermind, not just training sessions!

    Meetings will vary on days and times – to help facilitate as much opportunity for everyone to join.

    Sign Up now for only $147.98 per month.

       Normally, $199.99,

    Be sure to request your Bonuses!!


    Additional BONUS – Sign up now to get your PRIVATE session with Clay!
    One, One on one, private session focusing on
    YOUR business, YOUR habits and
    YOUR areas of focus to help you EXECUTE and WIN faster and easier!  (Value – at least $500!)
    Remember – “EVERY CALL WITH Clay has made an impact worth thousands…” -Trevor P.

    Sign up today and I’ll see you within a few weeks!

    Reminder, this is a LIMITED TIME price ($147.98), and while there are NO REFUNDS, you can cancel at any time. We plan to meet at least 2 times every month.

    Let’s build your business…
    Let’s HIT your next goal…

    EASILY, together!

    You will learn and apply the secrets required to make your journey as EASY and SMOOTH as possible –
    AND, do it surrounded by friends on the same journey!